sabato 9 dicembre 2017

Robbie Basho, Venus In Cancer (Blue Thumb Records ,1970)

Basho was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and was orphaned as a child. Adopted by the Robinson family, Daniel Robinson, Jr. attended Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Baltimore and was trained for college at Saint James School - an Episcopal school - in Western Maryland. He continued to study at the University of Maryland College Park. Although he played the euphonium in the high school band and sang in middle and high school education, his interest in acoustic guitar grew during his college years as a direct result of his friendships with fellow students John Fahey, Ed. Denson and Max Ochs. In 1959, Basho acquired his first guitar and immersed himself in Asian art and culture. It was during this period that he changed his name to Basho, in honor of the Japanese poet Matsuo Basho.


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