giovedì 15 gennaio 2015

The Units, Ready For The House (Corwood Industries, 31 Aug 1978)

Sterling Richard Smith, known by the pseudonym Jandek (Houston, October 26, 1944), is a singer, musician and record producer. His career is littered with productions and works produced and sold outside of the logic of the market (reprinted from the label fictitious corwood Industries). His style follows different musical genres: art music, folk, but also lo-fi, blues, post-rock and outsider music
Not much is known of his biography and circulate a few photographs of him, factors contributing to fuel status cult.Inizia artist's career by publishing in 1978 the album Ready for the House (as The Units). In 1981 he published the first album on behalf Jandek, ie Six and Six.

Rating: ****

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