sabato 24 gennaio 2015

The Giuseppi Logan Quartet, The Giuseppi Logan Quartet (ESP Disk,1965)

Musician originally from Philadelphia, in 1964 he settled in New York, and recorded two albums for the label ESP which soon become milestones of Free Jazz.

Logan plays the alto and tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute, piano and oboe Pakistani.

Collaborating among others with Archie Shepp, Bill Dixon and Pharoah Sanders, then form a quartet with pianist Don Pullen, with Eddie Gomez on bass and drummer Milford Graves.

His musical production in the 60's had great interest from critics and fans, but the musician devoured by drugs and mental distress literally disappeared into thin air.

After 40 years in 2009, succeeds his cd, for the label Tompkins Square Records. In 2009, also appears in the documentary film Water in the Boat of David Gutierrez Camps and his music make up the soundtrack of the film.

Rating: ****

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